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Sony aplolgising for their mistakes?

Sony aplolgising for their mistakes?

Playstation are still recovering from the hack earlier this month but now they are having security issues with the recovery of peoples passwords. Playstation set up a password reset website with accsess to 77 MILLION playstation users personal information WITHOUT using any security and leaving it insecure. Reports have said that it was once again hacked but sony said this on their blog

 “We temporarily took down the PSN password reset page. Contrary to some reports, there was no hack involved. In the process of resetting of passwords there was a URL exploit that we have subsequently fixed,” (source: BBC news)

With the hacking they had earlier this month you would of thought sony would be extra cautious with 77 million peoples data. but on the 17th of may sony gave the PSN network a little ‘welcome back package’.

Sony gave away free titles on PS3 to all gamers who have had an account before apirl 20th 2011, you have to be over 18 and includes popular games, one being “Little big planet”, it also includes a 12 month identity protection program. But many say that the content was ‘Dissapointing’

Jonathan Fargher said that the content was of good value:

“Clearly there’s going to be a minority of people out there who have some of those games, We certainly believe the welcome back programme and the choice of games that we’re offering, for free, is good value.”

he also said that its one more step to gaining back the trust of the PSN users

obviously not.

A lot of people will not be going back to playstation for these obvious reasons:

1) Sony told users that they had been hackled 10 DAYS AFTER the event happened

2)They promise better security, free gifts and that they would respond quickly to the event

3)they promise a ’12 month identity protection program’ when Sony should have constant protection

4) The hack happen on the 20th of April and has come back on on the 13th May, not as quickly as Sony promised. Sony said after announcing to the users that it would be fixed in a week

5) the content offered by Sony was for old games in which a few people complained, one PS3 user said “Isn’t there any way you can offer alternatives instead of these old games?”

Sony have a long way to go before everything resumes as normal.

Whats your view on this? will sony recover? or will they struggle under its own weight? leave a comment!

Links to the BBC articles:

Password security breach woes:

Sony offer Apology package to users:


Square Enixed!

Dues Ex 'Human revolution' is one of the websites to get hacked

Will the hack effect the game release?

Square Enix, maker of the ‘Final Fantasy’ series and the ‘Deus Ex’ series have had their game websites attacked by hackers, 25,000 users e-mails and 350 resumes of people applying for a job at Square Enix may have been compromised. Square Enix apologised for the breach of data protection and immedietly shut down the hacked websites. The websites that were attacked were:

a consultant at security firm ‘Sophos’ said that “The resumes are a blueprint for identity theft. They have everything that scammers want. The only thing missing is credit card information”.

The information taken could cause problems for those looking to apply at Square Enix, He also said “With the e-mail there is a danger that gamers could be e-mailed by someone pretending to be from the company who gets them to click on a link or run some malicious software” (Source:BBC News)

It was said that after the attack the hackers left messages that said “owned by Chippy1337” and other known hacker names appeared on the websites too such as ‘evilhom3er’ and ‘XiX’. But it is said that the real hackers may have just used these names as a cover up. An expert computer forensics team and the FBI have also got involved in identifying the hackers.

heres the link to the bbc news article for this:

Playstation has been offline for a bit now and from people i know who own a Playstation are quite worried about their security of details which have been stolen, but what astuounds me is that there actuially more worried about what console they want after its come back online! Someone asked me how Xbox 360 was and if it was worth it, they’ve been a loyal PS3 gamer for years never even thought about changing consoles. And now because of one error their loyal customer has had second thoughts. Sony have also had lots of other information hacked from SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) which has also been shut down untill the hacker is caught or it is secure enough to be bought back online.

Sony are worried about the hackers. Other companies see this as an oppertuneity to sell more and make more cash.

With sony being hacked a lot of Playststion gamers will decide to find another console for gaming entertainment such as Nintendo or Xbox as there the other 2 main competitors, this will boost them massively during this very bad time for Sony, damaging there profits, they’re system, and they’re customer respect. Sony Didn’t tell gamers until 10 DAYS AFTER the hacking incident, which means that Sony have failed to let customers know of there details being stolen. Sony have apologised for everything and also have offered people who pay for Playstation Plus extra subscription for 30 days plus another day for however long its offline, apperently they may also give away free content but i highly doubt that because they would have lost a lot of money. Also people who do not pay for Playstation plus or havn’t subscribed to it get nothing. Talk about knowing your customer, surely if they’re giving free subscription then EVERYONE gets it not just the paying ones!

Here’s a link to the BBC News website with a more detailed view of whats happening

are you an xbox or PS3 Gamer and have something to say about this? Leave a comment!

Oh No, Somebody Cut The Cake...

Oh No, Somebody Cut The Cake...

Ok so portal 2 has finally arrived onto shop shelves on the 21st of april and I’m glad to hear so many good things about it, people saying to me “have you tried Portal 2 yet? its pretty damn good!” or “hey that portal game is amazing!” and what makes me happy for Valve is that a lot of these people are people who have never played the first, or even knew where to find it.

If you read my last post. good for you 🙂 then you’ll know where Portal 1 can be bought, if not. I’ll save you the trouble of scrollin up n’ down

Portal 1 can be bought with “The Orange Box” game, it contains 5 games, portal can also be bought via the Xbox Live Marketplace as an arcade game but not on Playstation network the games are:

Half Life 2

Half Life 2 episode 1

Half Life 2 episode 2

Team Fortress 2

and Portal

All these games are made by valve and are available on PC*, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

*PC download is via a program called steam but you’ll need an account to download, a link to steam will be at the end of this post so if you wanna sign up you can just follow the link

Now Portal 1 is astounding, it was a mind bending, control smashing, companion cube burning barrel of fun, and from the comments from everyone who has bought it, it’s living up to its reputation, but I’m wondering if some of the new mechanics or features of the game could ruin it for people who have played Portal 1, could the new ruin the old?

Take for example the “Aerial Faith Plate”, this plate catapults anything placed onto it (even yourself) to where ever its facing, now as much as I find it fun getting thrown across one end of the test chamber to the other i don’t really like this idea. I preferred having to use my head and use just the portals to get myself across the room, it was fun having to gain speed by jumping off a large edge and using a portal to throw you, I just think it’s not really any different, and why it in my mind doesn’t need to be in the game.

One thing I do like are the “Repulsion” and “Propultion” Gels that have been added into the game, what better way to kill turrets than to coat them in blue gel and watch them bounce away screaming, or slide allong at high speeds on the gel across gaps 100’s of feet high, now to me thats something that can make my game 100x more fun, something like that can be used to find secret areas or cheat your way round for a tasty bonus chamber.

I think its a great game, but what do you think?

leave your comments!

also heres the link to download steam!

Thinking With Portals

portal 2 Image

i think we can put our differences aside, for science... you monster

Portal 2 (now with more cake)

so the long awaited ‘Portal 2’ is just around the corner  so i thought I’d reflect back on portal 1 and how that was a massive hit with so many PC and Xbox 360 gamers

Portal 1 was released on October 9th 2007 for PC and Xbox 360 (included in the orange box with 4 other games) and then on PlayStation 3 in December 2007. On Microsoft computers the game was available to download from Valves online content delivery system called ‘Steam’. The game was then released as a stand alone product in April 2008. Its popularity has led to Valve making merchandise for the game and also having fans create real models of things such as ‘The Companion Cube’ and ‘The Portal Gun’ both of which are main objects used in the game.

Portal 2 (due out in the EU on the 21st April 2011) has even more fun across numerous test chambers and starts hundreds of years after Portal 1, the use of the portal gun is unchanged and also the cubes will be in the game, new features such as the ‘propulsion’ and ‘Repulsion’ gel which either let you bounce across gaps or let you slide across the gel making you gain momentum quickly. Turrets will still be in the game (and as creepy as ever) and also the lovely and-seriously-not-insane ‘GLaDOS’ computer system from the first game.

Now i never liked puzzle games, if i couldn’t play them or i got stuck i felt stupid and had to leave it alone, (i still have this with a rubix cube every now and again) but portal, although hard in some areas, really does break the mould of puzzle games, it’s different, it has a story line and isn’t so hard you end up breaking everything apart from the puzzle. Amazing graphics and subtle hints in the form of signs on the wall make this game easy to follow while having to use your head to figure out what to do, in some teaser game-play trailers some puzzles look hard, but with the new features it’s sure to be just as good as the first in my eyes.

Don’t forget to get your copy on the 21st April 2011! i know i won’t!

Hey people sorry for it taking so long for a new post, but this post is a good one so listen up! 😛

i got talking to a guy called Simon at my local Gamestation and we were both looking at some games to buy, we got talking and got to the subject of games that are ‘hit and miss’, games that look great and have a lot to show but are disappointing  after the first 10 minutes, and after thinking about it we moan about games being bad and rubbish and fair due they probably are bad and stupid, but its those games that then make the sequels better, but can some games be so good and then turn bad?.

The fable series by Lionshead studios were a massive hit with every Xbox gamer, it was different, unique and had an amazing storyline, and that followed onto Fable 2, the game was improved and so much better than expected, graphics, combat, the character you craft personal to you, it was thought that fable 3 would be 3 times better than tthe other two combined, there was so much hype about it’s release and even the small but mighty ‘Fable 3 King Maker’ app for android and iPhone was a popular success. Then finally fable 3 arrives… and it’s just, terrible.

some people may disagree with me on this but i feel Fable 3 was basically Lionhead studios making a wrong turn on that family holiday you have with your parents, its exciting when its planned, good getting ready to go, and then horrid when you get there. The only things i could see that linked Fable 2 to Fable 3 was the fact that your character in number 2 was your dead mother/father in the 3rd. and then the darkness was from a small quest done for reaver in fable 2 with that massive spiky door seal which made the nasty darkness monsters want you to get old or make a random woman old. Thats all i could find to link them and i bet at least 7 of to 10 people dont even remember that quest about the darkness in Fable 2.

Also Lionshead got rid of menus and had the whole game without any type of pause menu in Fable 3 (apart from one which is an option menu) and that made the game just even more disappointing, the emotion wheel in F2 was so fun and random, all your actions and dog tricks were in it so you access it at any time, but now they’ve got rid of it you cant choose any, it just randomly chooses them for you, if I’m trying to be a good character and i get the two choices of ‘fart in face’ and ‘blood-lust roar’ to a member of the Albion community, i highly doubt they’ll want to be my friend. Without meus people get lost and menu’s are what hold games together.

Don’t even get me started on the leveling up and XP points… -.-

The one thing i love about these types of games are that everything you do earns you something, from ‘Fallout New Vegas’ to ‘Borderlands’ XP plays a massive role in your character, and it’s fun going around killing and searching on quests, knowing at the end of the quest and during you’re going to earn a nice amount of XP. Fable 3 has ruined that.

instead of earning XP for the 3 main combat abilities (guns, melee weapons, magic, and physical strength/ health) they scraped that and replaced it with something called the ‘Guild seal system’ This was that for enemies you kill you earn points towards a guild seal at a time, and you earn around up to 30 guild seals for completing quests, but if you get killed you lose that progress towards that seal. The seals unlock chests. In these chests are dye’s for your clothes and hair, upgraded jobs, and a few chests for your main abilities. This is sadly in my eyes a waste of time, as after you complete the game it gets harder to get guild seals, i dont even want to play it just because of the XP system!

my advice. Stay away from Fable 3, but if your thinking of getting an RPG game then i recommend:

Fallout New Vegas

Borderlands (game of the year edition has all the DLC)

Mass effect 2 (ME 3 coming soon!)

Dragon-age 2

Deus EX: Human revolution (coming soon!)

*this post is dedicated to Simon that i met at Gamestation, this post wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that conversation we had* 🙂

The war of consoles

The War on consoles continues…

In this day and age of the 7th generation of gaming, the two most popular consoles and its users are all at war with one another, on one side is the stylish and smooth Xbox 360 and on the other the slim, sleek and large memory core (no pun intended) Playstation 3, both of which are so technologically advanced that maybe 10 – 15 years ago it was thought impossible what we have today.

Until Xbox joined the gaming platform in 2002 (2001 in North America), Playstation ruled the top console pedestal and was deemed king of gaming. When xbox stepped in playstation knew that if they didn’t compete they’d be knocked off their throne and in 2005, Microsoft did.

12th May 2005 Microsoft launched the Xbox 360, shown on MTV detailing all its features and the revelutionary ‘Xbox Live’ system, a new way to play and connect with friends. On the first day of release the Xbox 360 instantly sold out in all regions excluding japan. As of the 6th of january 2011, Xbox have sold over 50 million consoles, 18.6 million alone sold in America and under 4 million in the UK.

Playstation needed to act fast.

in 2007 on the 17th of March the Playstation 3 arrived in Europe (november 17th 2006 in America) capable of playing ‘Blu-ray’ DVD’s and had up to 60GB hard drive. (In the new models it boasts a whopping 320GB hard drive, the biggest memory core in a console to date). Playstation offer things such as TV on demand, a ‘Love film’ service exclusive to playstation, and an internet browser for use on the playstation system. As of the end of 2010 a massive 49.7 million ps3’s have been sold.

Today motion sensor gaming is the new black in the gaming world, the Playstation with the ‘Playstation move’ motion sensor software using a funky controller and offering the most fun on a playststion system. And Xbox with the ‘Kinect camera’ which requires no controller at all, it uses voice commands and your body as a control. Both the playststion3 and the Xbox 360 are neck and neck in the gaming war.

so lets start a war…which is better?

Xbox 360?

‘Jump In’


Playstation 3?

‘It Only Does Everything’

let the war begin…

*takes cover with pot pan on head*